MaraLee Grayson


Mara Lee leads in-person and virtual racial literacy and antiracism workshops for companies, nonprofit organizations, and educational institutions in the Southern California area and across the United States.

Unlike traditional so-called "diversity" trainings, which generally emphasize the reduction of discrimination and race-based prejudice, these workshops and trainings emphasize the deeply ingrained ideological, rhetorical, and institutional nature of racism and white supremacy. Racism runs deep and there is no quick fix. In keeping with the analytical framework of racial literacy, Mara Lee consults with companies to examine how racism, overt and covert, functions within their organizations on the systemic, interpersonal, and psychological levels. This work includes but moves beyond notions of "implicit bias" and "inclusion" to explore relationships between employees, encourage organization leaders to examine the ways in which their policies and practices may inadvertently perpetuate inequity, and develop new practices that are not additive but integrative and transformational. All approaches and activities are grounded in contemporary scholarship in racial literacy, antiracism, and critical whiteness studies, as well as best practices for working with adult learners. 

Additional services include:

  • Assistance drafting public and internal equity statements,
  • Policy consulting,
  • Follow-up workshops on a regular or as-needed basis,
  • Individual consultations and/or mediation with employees, and
  • Other services as fit the needs of the particular organization.

All workshops and trainings are custom-designed to fit the unique needs and contexts of each organization.

For more information, please contact Mara Lee using the contact form on this website. You can expect to receive a response within 48 hours.